• We supply Australia
    and New Zealand with Automotive Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Repair Kits for -
    - Master Cylinders
    - Disc Calipers
    - Wheel Cylinder
    - Slave Cylinders etc.

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The information provided by MCX Trading, or its associated companies or affiliates, is general in nature and may not be sufficient for a particular need. MCX Trading has endeavoured to provide accurate information, but cannot accept responsibility for any errors and/or omissions.

Further MCX Trading cannot accept any responsibility for vehicle modifications and/or variations to a particular make or model that may make the published list of parts or kits inaccurate or unsuitable for a desired use.

It is incumbent upon all persons to ensure that any product's sought and/or provided through MCX Trading, are correct for the desired use, whether used by a private person or qualified mechanic or the like. MCX Trading cannot accept responsibility for any loss of any form, damage, injury or the like, due to supply, incorrect use, or fitting of any parts by any person.

Any information through MCX Trading, employees, servants or agents, is provided in good faith and with the best knowledge and experience.

As an Australian based company, the information contained herein is specifically for vehicles manufactured and sold for the Australian market, although some information may be of International significance.

Terms of Supply

Any parts supplied by MCX Trading may be returned if found to be of faulty manufacture or workmanship. A full report and reasons explaining the claim of fault, must accompany the retuned goods, before any consideration of claim will be commenced.

Parts returned for general Credit must have been invoiced within 60 days of return, with original Invoice number, in good order and condition, in our original packaging (unopened), ready for resale. Any returns beyond 60 days may incur a handling charge. Any part's, we consider may be contaminated through use or abuse, even if still in our packaging, will be rejected outright.

We offer an account facility for re-sellers, re-manufacturers, and other high-volume businesses on a strict 30 day payment requirement. Smaller users may prepay, or direct credit for their order, until B-Pay and/or Credit Card facilities are available.

Prices of Parts or Services may Change without further notice.